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At Ouranos Technologies (Ouranos) , We offer an amazing set of services and solutions that will impact your organization’s performance and growth

With our advanced technical competence, we offer services for managing clients IT Infrastructures and guaranteeing the highest levels of availability for the business applications to function without interruption. FULL-ON SITE HARDWARE MAINTENANCE These services can be provided at the client’s site between 08h00 hours and 17h00 hours, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. The repairs will be executed by the replacement of circuit packs and/or modules and/or complete units. Under this option, there is an agreed maintenance agreement and OURANOS undertakes to respond to a failure reported in accordance with the SLA entered into with the client. ON-SITE SUPPORT This service provides on-site resources that will manage and maintain the client’s ICT  infrastructure. INSTALLATION SERVICES OURANOS provides clients with the following support during Project implementation
  • Site assessment/survey
  • Project Planning
  • Installation and Configuration services
  • Post Implementation testing
Other services include:
  • Software Maintenance
  • Standby Service

Since OURANOS NIGERIA already has in-depth experience with enterprise and proprietary networks in the industry, we could leverage on this to provide:


This would involve the process for detection and response, to provide organizations with immediate feedback regarding the efficacy of their network’s security…in real-time, as it changes in the face of new attacks, new threats, software updates and re-configurations.


This aspect focuses on implementing configurations in the best interest of the customer, proactively, so that devices are always providing maximum protection and surveillance.


This is meant to complement the security monitoring by cross-referencing the real-time monitoring data against a continuously updated inventory of an enterprise’s assets and its current state of operation.

With where technology is right now, it is no longer a luxury but a necessity to secure remote access to computers and other data devices.
With remote support system, system owners do not have to be resident to enjoy end user support services. The possibility of accessing your home or office computer from any location (such as hotels, airport kiosks etc,) can greatly increase your efficiency, productivity and overall Job satisfaction.

Remote support speeds up solutions, with our support staff able to act as soon as a customer calls up with a problem. Being able to demonstrate something visually right on your own computer screen makes things even plainer still. And without commuting times and costs, makes for a quicker, more economical service that can also run outside office hours.

Our Optimization services specialists specialize in efficiently and effectively aligning Information Technology to our clients’ operating environment and needs. Core infrastructure is optimized to ensure maximum efficiency for clients before we focus on business productivity and access to information. We continuously update and evolve our offering to ensure it stays abreast of client’s needs and growth, and constantly add to or enhance its value to their business.

Nowadays, many IT departments in most offices are faced with challenges associated to do with the delivery of quality services to their various staff/customers in-house and on the field.
With increasing pressure to make these services available, it has become necessary for IT departments to scale-up their contribution into the business.

Some of these challenges include but not limited to:

  • Personnel training and development
  • Reducing IT Operating cost down across various operations of the organization
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer’ (OEM) liaison and management

Our value proposition is to partner with clients in the delivery of quality support services using proven service management methodology and to ensure that such service is given at most reduced budget hence supporting the IT unit on its quick ROI


Ouranos is offering to provide these services through its “Managed Services” solution. Our Support Service embraces IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) methodology in Service Management and our core objective is to serve as a virtual


extension of Client’s IT Department bearing in mind the need to

  • Reduce Operational Costs
  • Increase Client IT staff availability
  • Improve IT personnel services
  • Manage IT environment with predictable monthly fee
  • Access to highly skilled technical resources
  • Manage Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) – Vendor relationship more effectively
  • Free-up Core IT staff to manage more complex issues
  • Ability to meet Service Level Agreement commitments


The ever-changing competitive business arena dictates that companies constantly assess their performance relative to their competitors and take the necessary action to enhance or protect their competitive position. The Enterprise Performance Improvement practice achieves alignment of all the critical dimensions of the enterprise.


One of the fundamental principles of the success of consistently profitable organizations is their ability to make the correct decisions more often. At Ouranos, we recognize that the ability to clearly identify the value associated with investments, particularly in the ICT portfolio, is becoming a top priority for many clients, and we, therefore, focus on Business Case Development, Due Diligence and Portfolio Management.


Business Analyst placement.

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